Monday, September 27, 2010

Skyetelle and Bella


A Mother's Love

A mother's love will never fade, so how does a Mother say goodbye without first saying hello?

How does a Mother who has carried her babies within her body, ever let go of all those hopes and dreams for her unborn babies, who sadly are no longer here?

How does a Mother go on? When at times no one else seams to remembers the special dates, times or even the names of our beloved Angel babies.

How does a Mother explain to others, that after many years, she still wonders how different her life could have been, if her beautiful Angel babies were still here?

A Mothers love will never fade, as she always remembers the first hello to her unborn babies the day she finds out she is pregnant, and them sad goodbyes when sadly her babies pass away.

A Mother will go on with many tears shed, and will forever carry the hopes, dreams and memories within her brave broken heart.

A Mothers love always remembers her Angel babies names; she always remembers the dates, times and the happy and sad.

A Mothers heart I share with many other Mothers, as I to sadly carry my Angel babies together forever within my heart.

-Felisha Nebauer

(photos 39-50 9/27/10)

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