Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alvaro Jr.

Alvaro Serna Jr he was born at 16 weeks gestation

Looking like his daddy and a little like his momma he became an angel, but will always be our little man.



"Our broken Hallelujah"


Abbigail Featherstone
born on 22.04.10 weighing 1pound 4oz

''Forever in my heart, This is not goodbye baby just goodnight, i love you forever''

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Born to Heaven on April 18, 2010

"See! I will not forget you. I have carved you on the palm of my hand." Isaiah 49:15

We will love you forever. ~ Mama, Daddy and David

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lillian Joy

Lillian Joy Smith
Born Still November 13th,2009
Forever Alive In Our Hearts


Lily Róisín Whalen born sleeping on 14th December 2008

Our beautiful daughter, You'll be forever in our hearts
and in our thoughts, loving you always Mummy & Daddy x x x

Leila Keolalani

Leila Keolalani, Mommy is SO thankful for the time we were given together. Your strength, beauty, and love has touched so many lives in your short time here and I am SO proud to call you my daughter. He u'i lani 'oe (you are a heavenly treasure). I love you my baby.


29 November 2009

For 5 weeks and 2 days I carried a piece of heaven, now heaven carries a piece of me
Love forever Mummy, Daddy and Big sister Eilish XOXO

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bailey Danae

Bailey was born on April 30, 2010 @ 23 weeks and was with us for almost an hour.

An hour in this world.....forever in our hearts!


Calypso Paikea Rhyder Lane

Candlelight dies at the window
And the night wind blows soft from the sea
Though I lie in your arms, I'm a thousand miles away
On the waves sailing fast, sailing free
Now I'm bound for the heart of the ocean
I'm riding the sea in my soul
In the dark and the deep
She will rock me to sleep
Down below...
Where the black waters roll
When the sea birds cry out in the morning
And the sun lays its kiss on the sand
I'll be drawn to the shore
Like so many times before
As I long to be far from the land.
Now I'm bound for the heart of the ocean
I'm riding the sea in my soul
In the dark and the deep
She will rock me to sleep
Down below...
Where the black waters roll
I can still hear your voice on the trade winds
I can still taste your tears on the foam
But the lure of the tide that I'm feeling inside
Will not rest till my heart finds its home
Now my heart is the heart of the ocean
There are storms from the sea in my soul
I'm restless and deep
And before I can sleepI must go...
Where the black waters roll
Where the black waters roll

Monday, July 12, 2010

Madylin Joy

Born into Heaven April 4, 2009

“Hello, good-bye
Higher you fly
Into the world…
But I can see you fly away
I can see the sun upon your face
I can feel your heart
and I can hear you cry
And as I fall apart
I learn to fly.” –
From Learn to Fly, by Carbon Leaf

Rose and Noah



Rose and Noah and were born on the 19.02.2010.

For two special angels, fly high little ones! xxx

Andrew, Benjamin and Caleb




Andrew Noah, Benjamin Levi, and Caleb Thomas (triplets) were born in December 2009 at 17 weeks gestation.

"They were so beautiful...Perfect in every way."

Roman Zac

Born Sleeping 3rd May 2009
at 20.1wks

"An angel in the book of life
Wrote down our babies birth
And whispered as she closed the book
Too beautiful for earth"

We love & miss you very much love mummy & daddy