To Request a Release

Each butterfly* that is released is released in honor of ONE angel. It is soley, 100% released and dedicated to your angel. From one bereaved parent to another...this is my promise! Never, ever forgotten...forever missed.

To help with supplies and my time, a donation of $5 per family for a butterfly release(s) is recommended, but not required. Donating will not get your release done quicker or bump you up on the list, but is GREATLY appreciated. Also, with this small donation (for releases done 9/20/10 and on), I will send you between 1 and 3 of the best high resolution photos via email of your release. These will include photos of your angel's butterfly on an angel figurine and also on a flower/plant/tree (which will differ depending on what flowers I have blooming in my garden). Making these releases happen takes a lot of work (10-20 hours/week), so again to receive all your photos via email a small donation is required for my time and to help with supplies. To make your donation please see the Paypal box in the right sidebar. Thank you again for the support!

To see photos of our current stock of Monarchs and more frequent updates on releases please become a fan of our Face Book page

REQUESTS CURRENTLY CLOSED - There are few caterpillars left after the very large batch we had this fall. I am taking the rest of the year off and will update in the new year. Merry Christmas with gentle hugs this holiday season.-

I can not control nature so please understand it can take a few days to many months to finish your release. The releases typically happen a lot faster in the summer months, but do continue year round due to our location (California, USA).  Due to the great amount of time and energy it takes to make these releases happen, please check back and comment that you have seen your release. This lets me know you saw it. If you want more up to date information on the releases and availability please join my Facebook page to the right. Thank you.

I have begun releasing Monarchs*** in honor of little angels taken away too soon. This is a free service (donation optional) to bereaved parents only. Please do not request a release in honor of earthly children. To request a butterfly release email me at PLEASE ADD THE NAME OF YOUR ANGEL IN THE SUBJECT LINE. Feel free to add a little note, song lyrics, a poem, etc. in honor of your beloved angel. I will add that below your angel's butterfly. Due to the limited amount of butterflies, requests will be open and closed quite frequently. Also, I release the Monarchs to match the sex of your angel. I can not control nature so, please check back often and be patient.

**Due to the large quantity of releases that I will be doing, I do not always email you back once your release happens. To find your child's butterfly enter his/her name into the search box at the top, top left of the blog screen. Also, to ensure I did receive your request you can check out the "Waiting to be Released" section on the right side bar of the blog. Thank you for your patience!**

***Due to the Monarch releases being delayed because of the OE spore and the tachnid fly, I will be alternating gulf frittilaries into the releases when they are available.