Our Story

My name is Rachel and I am the mother of triplet angels. We became pregnant with our triplets in October 2006. Our first ultrasound revealed fraternal twins. When we returned to see our heartbeats...there were three. One of our embryos had split into identical twins (later to be named Jaxon and Colin). After many weeks on bed rest I went into pre-term labor. An emergency cerclage was placed to stop my thinning cervix. However, the irritation to my cervix increased my labor and I was then hospitalized. After 5 days on several drugs to stop my labor, my body gave out and congestive heart failure set in. On friday, March 2nd, 2007, I was intubated and put under general anethesia because of my heart failure and then my sweet triplets were taken by emergency c-section to save my life. They were only 23 weeks and 6 days along. We gave them the nickname "Jacoco" because it was easier to say that, than to say "triplets" or "Jaxon, Colin, Courtney" in public. It is our term that strangers have no idea what we are talking about. JAcoco for Jaxon. JaCOco for Colin. JacoCO for Courtney. I love you Jacoco.

3/2/07 - 5/29/07
My sweet Jaxon fought for 89 days before joining his brother and sister in Heaven...89 days! What a little fighter he was. Jaxon fought so hard to allow me to be able to celebrate my first Mother's day with him. He opened his eyes for us, he smiled at us, he fought really hard for us. Baby boy we love and miss you so very much. God speed little man...

3/2/07 - 3/8/07
Colin Alexander (Jaxon's identical twin)...so tiny, but so perfect. His little foot print is perfection at its best. Baby boy...please don't ever forget how much my heart aches for you. Words just can't explain it well enough. Six days with you were just not long enough...not long enough at all.

3/2/07 - 3/8/07
Courtney was our little beauty. She had the most precious long feet and toes. She was absolutely beautiful. Baby girl we will always love you and miss you more than words could ever explain. The six days you were with us just wasn't long enough.

I don't know why I have had to endure so much in the last few years. Never in a million years would I have ever thought, that at the age of thirty I would have three of my children's ashes on my fireplace mantle. And as much as I hate this journey that I am on...it has taught me so much. It has softened my heart, it has lengthened my patience...it has given me so much compassion for those going through this too. Before this, I never even thought of or knew that babies died EVERY DAY. I now know that every day parents' hearts are breaking and families are torn apart. I know my children have touched the hearts of many, many people. I know they won't ever be forgotten. They were absolutely amazing little individuals even though they were only here for a short while.

No words can properly describe the feelings a mother has when holding her child when he/she dies. It is simply undescribeable. I started making micro preemie hats and burial sleepers/wraps to donate to other families who are going through this horrible journey. My love goes out to each and every one of them. Now, as another part of my journey to find healing, I have began releasing Monarchs in honor of angels taken too soon.