Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Holiday Season...including our angels

It has been very cold for California and therefore our Monarchs are not emerging very fast. If you have requested a release please know you have not been forgotten. I promise each release is unique so with that we just need to wait for nature to do its thing.

So...while we are waiting for the butterflies emerge, I thought I'd share what new annual tradition I am going to do this Holiday season to include my angels. Shutterfly is offering free Holiday cards to cool is that?!?! Their Holiday collection is so amazing too. So, what a PERFECT time to start this. Since my loss I haven't sent out Christmas cards. I think my grief at that time of year is too overwhelming for cheery cards. Do I sign all of our first names without the triplets' names? Do I sign all of our first names including the triplets' names? Or do I just be more vague and just sign them "theMcConathys" to avoid the subject all together? So I was thinking how else could I include them? So this year I will add three butterflies to our cards in memory of Jaxon, Colin and Courtney. I can't wait! They are going to be breath-taking! I think I will add the butterfly to a Christmas ornament similar to this...

As I browsed through all the different designs I found it difficult to choose one because so many are perfect for our family. I think these are my top picks though.

You can see the whole holiday collection HERE.

I was also thinking about their calenders for the grandparents. What a great gift!
You can see them all HERE.

And I am thinking my husband needs a new personalized mug for work with all his children on it. He would absolutely love it!
HERE are some more examples...

If you are a blogger you too can get 50 free cards! If you wish feel free to use the butterfly ornament picture above in it as well ;) . Check out the offer HERE. If you don't have a blog don't worry right now they are having a great sale and all cards are 20% off!

Here is to a peaceful Holiday Season to you all and to all our angels <3.


Tiffany said...

great idea. hopefully next yr they will have the same offer and i'll be in a better place. love the butterfly ornament. and i also struggle (when thinking about the future) how i will address things like christmas cards, etc.

Jaime said...

Fantastic idea, Rachel! I didn't send cards out last year as I struggled with the same "name game".

Funny enough our Christmas card this year is the middle picture you have shown!

I added the pic I had used for Claire's first birthday (a heart shaped Peanut). For those who know that that was Claire's nickname they will understand for those who don't they will see a heart shape and feel the love!!

And for simplicity sake we sent them from the MacKay family.

It feels great to have found a way to add my babe in without the discomfort of wondering what others will think. I am glad that you too have found a special way to honour Jacoco and make your card complete!!


tiffany1972 said...

Love the card idea. Where did you find the butterfly Ornament. I am doing some stockings for our 2 butterfly angels. I put 2 old angel ornaments from my childhood for my babies until I find the perfect ornament, have to have butterflies.

Triplet Butterfly Wings said...


I just added that butterfly to the picture. However, in the last few years I have collected quite the display of butterfly ornaments. Check out Michaels and local boutique stores :)