Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jenna Belle

I see your tears
When noone else does
I know how you miss me
And the emptiness you feel

I wish sometimes I could tell you
How I really am ok
How Heaven is far sweeter than words can tell
How precious the Lord is and I'm at home
Where all is well

I know that doesn't soften the blow
I know that doesn't dry your eyes
But if I could tell you just one thing
It would be that in Heaven there's just a more perfect love

A love that dries tears
A love that stands still
A love that doesn't know time
A love that forgets the woes of this life

And while you miss me being in your arms
I miss you too
But time hasn't torn a hole in my heart yet,
It's not been but a few moments
that I have been gone

The place where we one day will meet
Is closer than it feels
And me, your precious Angel
Am closer than you think

The life that I lived reached our Father's will
Far sooner than you would have chosen
But from Heaven the big picture is clear
And there's no doubt behind it there is perfection

The love that fills your heart for me
Does not go unseen
The tears you cry because I'm not there
Will be dried in Heaven

The longing that haunts you with emptiness
Will one day be restored
But Mother, in my new home
There is just a more perfect love

Franchesca Cox


Holly said...

I love how the butterfly is on the wing of the angel!

Triplet Butterfly Wings said...

I loved this one too. I love them all though. I always try to get good pictures, but they are meant to fly, not take pictures, so it is sometimes quite difficult. I usually take at least 10 shots before one comes out good enough. Lately I have been taking more pictures when they're wings aren't completely dry and it makes it easier, but then they are also usually closed. I still think they are susch amazing creatures...

Franchesca Cox said...

Thank you so so much for this! This makes me so happy to see her name and remembered like this.